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Manuka honey  

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Nature has granted countless gifts to mankind. Sometimes it is in the shape of trees that play such a pivotal role in keeping us healthy. They create oxygen which is the very requirement of human beings to breathe. Sometimes nature provides us with beautiful and scenic surroundings that are so soothing for human eyes. Sometimes nature provides us flowers that are so pleasant for us and look so beautiful. And sometimes, nature provides the perfect cycle of life that is so vital for human existence. Even the ecosystem followed by nature has many advantages for humans in particular and life on earth in general. It is due to these reasons that nature is mostly referred to as “Mother Nature” because it gives us so many gifts.

Arguably, perhaps the most important and paramount gifts of nature are the things that are used for curing purpose. Many herbs are available in nature that is at service to mankind. These herbs are spread all across the globe and are in different forms and shapes. The true extent of the effectiveness of herbs alone is not yet completely known to mankind. However, it is agreed by most that probably the best thing that nature provides us for a cure is the honey. There are various types of honey that are produced naturally all across the globe and provide a tremendous source of cure for many diseases. And what could be more effective than Manuka Honey, which can be considered as one of the ultimate gifts of nature?

What is Manuka Honey? 
Manuka honey is a special type of honey that indigenous to New Zealand and is produced by bees that pollinate the legendary Manuka bush. The honey is popular and very well known around the world and is believed to have great healing powers against various diseases. As a component, it contains the hydrogen peroxide, which contains natural antibiotic ability. Similarly, Manuka honey contains large quantities of methylglyoxal, a compound that is considered to be highly effective against diseases and has many other uses as well. This honey is a highly unique and unique type of honey that has countless advantages and is used all across the globe. Due to its distinctive components, Manuka honey is being used for treatment for thousands of years. In New Zealand, its natural production is being taken with its due importance and all the possible measures are taken to safeguard and protect it.

Manuka Honey’s Nutritional Value:
Apart from the main components elaborated above, there are many other ingredients of Manuka honey that add to its nutritional value. Some of the vital elements that are contained in this honey are:
• Amino Acid
• Vitamin B
• Calcium
• Copper
• Iron 
• Magnesium
• Phosphorous 
• Potassium
• Sodium
• Zinc

The quantities of these elements in the honey is roughly four times as compared to honey produced from normal flowers. This makes it much stronger and healthier and effective as compared to honey extracted from normal flowers in other parts of the world. Not only that the presence of these vital ingredients of it gives it a definite edge over normal honey but a combination of these ingredients also works wonders for the human body. 

Identifying Authentic Manuka Honey:
With so much popularity and benefits, it is bound to happen that a diluted Manuka honey is being prepared. This honey will definitely affect the healing power and therefore, it is important to be able to identify the original honey. This can be done in following ways:

It has been internationally ascertained and globally accepted that Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) is used for measuring the Manuka nectar in the honey. So first of all, the measure of its authenticity or genuineness will be the UMF trademark labeled on the bottle or container. Secondly, since Manuka honey is only produced in New Zealand, it can only be considered genuine if it has been produced by a UMF licensed company in New Zealand. Thirdly, the label will contain the license number and registration mark of the company that has produced it under the UMF license. Fourthly, the label will contain a UMF rating that will rank the amount of Manuka in the honey. One has to be careful to buy only the authentic and genuine honey in order to get its full benefits. Only the Manuka honey that is produced and packaged according to these set standards and calibers should be used.

Manuka Honey Benefits:
We are aware of numerous benefits and advantahes of the amazing honey and yet are still researching about other hidden benefits that are not yet known to us. There is no ambiguity whatsoever about the advantages of it. The scientific study is going on even as these details are written and read. Almost every day, we are discovering new streams of the effectiveness and efficiency of Manuka honey. Some of the greatest health benefits of the honey that are known to us are as follows:

Decreases Stomach Acidity. 
The built-in components of the honey and its natural antibiotic capabilities make it an ideal and the best medicine for any bacterial related disorder in the human body. Not only this, it also contains elements that are anti-virus and anti-microbial in nature that gives it a natural ability to fight many diseases and disorders. All of these capabilities work perfectly against any stomach acidity by reducing it to the desired levels. Consequently, it will improve the digestive system as its use will reduce inflammation in the stomach as well as intestines. It is said that regularization of stomach activities always goes a long way in keeping the body in an overall healthy position. Thus, by virtue of decreasing the stomach acidity, Manuka honey contributes in toning the overall health of the human body.

Acne Related Issues. 
Although it is yet to be proven that the components of Manuka honey have any direct impact on acne related issues, there are countless advocates for this type of cure who have either personal experience or have observed others. A large number of people who have regularly used Manuka honey inform that it is highly effective against acne related issues. Although the direct link of the honey is not a scientific certainty, it is still considered to be very effective against acne related matters. 

Protection Against Staph Infections. 
The state of the world in which we are living these days make the high usage of antibiotics almost elementary. This eventually results in decreased response of drugs on our bodies. The drugs ineffectiveness can result in strains of staph that are creating a headache in numerous hospitals and clinics across the world and sometimes, it assumes the shape that it is no longer considered curable. According to a research conducted by Cardiff Metropolitan University, use of Manuka honey reduces the effects of staph infections.

Boosts Energy in Human Body. 
It has been experimented and concluded that regular use of pure Manuka honey is a tremendous source of boosting energy in human body. The nutritional density, especially the quantities of zinc and potassium make it an ideal source of boosting energy. The hectic life routines that we mostly indulge ourselves makes the honey and the ideal and essential element of our daily diet. A lot of people around the globe have the problem or issue of feeling the sudden loss of energy and this can be avoided by regular use of it

Facial and Skin Effects. 
A very useful and pertinent use of the honey is the effects it generates of the facial care. The pure organic form of it provides a perfect cure for acne and skin infections. Thus, its regular usage will provide a glowing effect on the skin. Similarly, the honey also has the capabilities that are a synonym to a facial mask. Its usage will eventually aid in removing the unwanted skin cells and thus produce a healthy skin that will have its impact on the face. We have a tendency of spending a hell lot of money on skin cure and it will only help in Manuka honey is also made part of our efforts.

Burns and Wounds.
It has been researched and scientifically proved that use of even normal honey works as a defensive wall against burns and wounds. This becomes especially elaborate in case of Manuka honey that has tremendous and outstanding wound healing capabilities. Since the honey is rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory components, it works perfectly against burns, wounds and the consequent infections resulting due to those burns or wounds. If applied on top of a generally minor wound, the honey will form the web around it and then soothes it to reduce the burn or wound effect. However, despite the medical studies and circumstantial evidence, Manuka honey is yet to assume any important or deciding place in the medicine world as a protector against burns and wounds.

Care Against Tooth Decay. 
The Manuka honey can help in protection against various tooth decay and related issues. It has been observed that the use of Manuka honey can cause up to 35% decline in tooth decay. This is mainly because of the elements of Manuka honey that include calcium, magnesium, and zinc. The vital elements are the main contributors in decreasing tooth decay and providing us healthy teeth.

Prevention and Treatment of Cancer.
The Manuka honey is also known and in fact assuming popularity quite fast as a tool for prevention and treatment of cancer. Although solid scientific evidence is still missing, there are numerous cases and studies that reveal its power against cancer. Due to these powers, it is now widely used by cancer patients. Some evidence suggests that Manuka honey is quite effective especially against cancer that is in an early stage.

Cholesterol Reduction. 
Although the latest research considers cholesterol not to be a very bad guy, it is still very important that it is kept in check and within the allowable limits. It has been observed that people using Manuka honey on a regular basis have a lower cholesterol level that in turn gives an overall healthy shape to the body. All the diseases related to high cholesterol can be controlled effectively through the use of Manuka honey.

Improvement in Sleeping Order. Manuka honey is considered to be very effective is restoring sleeping habits as well. It is due to the reason that the honey releases glycogen that is an essential element in achieving sleeping order. The bodily requirements of sleeping vary from person to person. However, whatever is the sleeping requirement of any human body it can be achieved and rather enhanced through the use of the Honey. Therefore ,for this purpose, it is considered to best of the honey is used with milk at bedtime.

How to use Manuka Honey:
In order to avail the most benefits out of it it should be used in a way that has been time tested and proven to be the most effective way. The normal dosage of the honey for an adult is around two tablespoons every day. It can be taken straight and even mixed with tea or any other such thing that would add a flavor of your liking and at the same time will reduce the sweet effect of the honey.
 It should be consumed very carefully especially by those who have a history or tendency of high sugar.

Thus, it can be very comfortably and confidently ascertained that Manuka honey is one of the greatest gifts of nature. It has been a proven fact that regular use of the honey is helpful in more than one ways and against many diseases and disorders. We all must appreciate and acknowledge this gift of nature and try to make the most of it.